Our Unique Customized Outreach & Expert Guest Posting Service


A Unique & Highly Customized B2B Guest Posting Service !

We offer a high-quality customized guest posting service. Why is our service unique? This is what sets us apart from all the other guest posting services: 

We ensure that all guest post publications include the following: 


1. Our network of publishers have a High DA (Domain Authority) and reputation.

2. Real sites with real traffic! We only work with quality websites that meet monthly traffic criteria  and target the geographics of your taget audience (buyer personas).

3. We make sure that you receive a Byline -Author bio box for recognition of the piece you write which is key for brand recognition and building authority in your niche! Google makes the association. Google's latest algorithm E-A-T stands for Expertise-Authority-Trust!

4. We only publish on relevant sites in your space. We carefully analyze your buyer personas (or sit down with you to help you create them with our buyer persona templates) and see what sites interest them and where are they getting their sources and key information from.

5. Receive a link to your website! We guarantee that at least 1 link will be given 
to your website (a link to your blog post is usually acceptable), either within the article's body or within the author's bio. 

Build Your Credibility!

Through guest posting you are given a chance to prove your credibility as an information source by offering valuable tips and having a link back to your website. 

Establish Yourself As The Expert!

Over time guest posting gives you the ability to easily establish yourself and brand as the expert in your niche. 

When guest posting on high DA (domain authority) websites and receiving a natural link back to your website you will also improve your SEO efforts and boost your ranking on the SERPS. 

Benefits this unique service offers: 

1. Establish your authority and trust in your brand.
2. Improve your SEO efforts-by receiving a link from a high authority website back to your website.
3. Increase your traffic and referral traffic.
4. Boost your ranking on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).
5. Increase your sites DA (Domain Authority), subscribers, readership, and blog traffic.
6. Increase brand recognition, brand awareness, visibility, and online presence to a highly targeted      audience.
7. Generate and convert more qualified leads. 

About this service: 

This is our process:

Step #1: Content Creation-Writing the guest post 
We will write or guide you how to write the guest post according to the acceptable guest post guidelines . The client’s input is necessary to create a relevant article for the client’s target audience and niche. 

Step #2: Targeting a customized list used for the outreach campaign: 
We prepare a customized list of websites for the outreach campaign. We use this list to target relevant sites we are constantly building, adding, and maintaining this list of sites we target. 
Reaching out to relevant pubs: We reach out every month using our customized list we prepared for the outreach campaign. We contact the websites editors and bloggers to secure and create guest-posting and publication opportunities. 

If content needs to be adjusted or meet editorial guidelines for a specific site, we will make revisions or ask you to make revisions accordingly. 

We manage all the back and forth communication with the bloggers and editors!

Step #3: Publication & Provide monthly publication reports: 
We will update you whenever a guest post goes live with the full URL, and at the end of every month we will give you a report of publications secured, and publications published. All publications will be secured within 4 weeks from the time an article is written and approved.  Publication times vary and depend on editors- can be within 3 days up to 30 days once a publication is secured. 

Would you like to see examples? Are you seeking a customized solution?

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