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Drive traffic, Generate quality leads, and boost sales for your business with our B2B Video Production Marketing Service


We create strategic videos that takes the viewer on a "video journey". Each video has to have a clear pupose in mind where the end goal is to convert your visitor (buyer persona) into a quality lead and then into happy customers. Over the last 6 years we have developed a unique system that works. Our unique video marketing system is broken down to 3 phases: Atrract, engage, and convert.

Depending on your buyer personas and your company's niche we will strategically create videos that first attact your buyer personas to the videos, then we will engage them- by touching their key pain points while keeping them watching an enticing video that interest them deeply, since they are giving them value . The last stage is convert- where your company offers the solution to your buyer personas problems, by your company offering the remedy and offering value that they so badly need you will be able to generate leads for your business and then convert them into customers!

We provide for each video  customized intros and outros, strong CTA's (Call To Action) ,music, graphic design, cool effects and transitions, and stock footage. *We also offer in addition to this service full YouTube SEO services, and YouTube Channel set up. Learn more here

Here are 5 types of videos we offer that are able to achieve the video journey: Attract>>>Engage>>>Convert

Stands for blogpost video. We will take a successful blogpost (usually from your blog) or article that has been published and turn it into an engaging and attractive video. 

SR-Stands for Screen Record. Don't let that hard work go to waste, repurpose your great content and amplify it online by creating a video from what you already have online! We will take one of your best performing webpages and turn it into an engaging video.

This service includes up to 10 minute video length. Includes voiceover, intro and outro, CTA, music, graphic design. 

Stands for question and answer videos. These are videos that give an answer to that very specific question that your buyer persona/TA (target audience) is desperately seeking an answer to.

Question and Answer videos rank well in YouTube and also with Google and give your company the perfect opportunity  to build trust and authority in your niche by providing valuable answers. 

Decision makers are on a constant quest for finding the truth and information that is so so valuable for their work. They are constantly trying to find this information which is worth gold for them once they find it. If you can manage to provide this type of information- actually explain to your buyer persona how your product/service works and why they need this, you will not only build trust and loyalty, you will be able to convert this viewer into a loyal customer.  This customer will trust you as an information source and depend upon you for guidance in their next buying decision. 

People have limited time these days not only to search for the information they want and need, but they are also limited with the time needed to understand and digest the information. This is why people love video listicles, you take the buyer persona through the process of digesting the key points and adding the value your buyer persona needs quickly so they will actually have the time to watch your video.

Need a YouTube Channel set up? A package of 10 Videos?

Need 3 minute or a minimum 5 minute videos without breaking the bank?

Let us give you professional and engaging videos that are affordable and can meet any budget!
Videos starting from just $300 a video.

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